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#1 How long can I expect for a metal roof or steel roof to last?
A: A Premium Metal Roofs installed steel roof is a permanent roofing system requiring little maintenance, and with proper installation, can last as long as your home. It is not uncommon for these roofs to last as long as five decades and longer.
#2 Will this type of roofing be noisy when it rains?
A: No, it will not be noisier than traditional shingles. The ways in which the steel panels are arranged provide not only strength but also work to reduce potential noise transfer when coupled with high density standard attic insulation.
#3 Will metal roofing or steel roofing make our property hotter in the summertime or colder in the wintertime?
A: No, it won’t. The traditional concrete tiles or asphalt shingles store and transfer heat. This is what causes them to deteriorate at such a quick rate. Meanwhile steel and metal materials actually absorb and dissipate heat quickly. In the wintertime, airflow under the roof will help prevent the transfer of cold air and reduce freeze thaw cycles in the winter. The results of these panel arrangements equates to lower air conditioning requirements for your home and lower heating costs.
#4 What effect will this have in terms of a fire?
A: Steel and metal are light weight, non-combustible, and are built to resist premature roof collapse from an internal property fire.
#5 Will moss, leaves, dirt, and/or other debris damage or leave impressions on a steel or metal roof?
A: As a professional roofing contractor in Pittsburgh, PA, we use the highest quality materials possible for all of our residential and commercial projects. The smooth surfaces of metal and steel roofing products allows moss, leaves, dirt, and debris to wash off the roof naturally when it rains.
#6 How does this form of steel and metal roofing react during high winds?
A: All of our metal and steel roofing systems have been tested, meeting and/or exceeding hurricane specifications. With the panels built from eave to ridge, there are no tabs for the wind to lift, therefore adding an extra sense of protection when compared to traditional shingles.
#7 Should I be worried about rust?
A: No, steel or metal roofing products are heavily layered in substrate with factory applied primer and colored paint coatings that will not rust.
#8 Could hail potentially damage my metal or steel roof?
A: Though excessively large hail is going to damage pretty much any kind of roof, a metal or steel roof provided by Premium Metal Roofs offer a high resistance rating, among the highest in the industry.
#9 Is it safe to walk on a steel or metal roof?
A: Though it is safe to walk on a steel or metal roof, in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions, our low-maintenance metal and steel roofs eliminate nearly any need to walk on the product. For example, it is no longer necessary to replace trim and shingles that have blow off, or to patch leaks in badly worn areas.