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Metal Roofing Products

Premium Metal Roofs provides high quality metal products from American suppliers, and offers a 50-year warranty on paint for its materials thereby ensuring the highest quality roof possible in conjunction with our high standards of installation. Metal panels are durable, suitable for an array of applications, and combines a traditional look with the latest technology in residential and commercial roofing.

Benefits of Steel and Metal Roofing

  • Metal roof panels not only look better but they last longer.
  • Get a lower cost per annum coverage, an excellent long-term investment.
  • Class A fire resistant.
  • Metal roofing are lightweight, reducing structural sagging over time.
  • Moisture resistant with a treated finish that resists oxidation.
  • Stain resistant and mildew resistant.
  • Manufactured from 100% environmentally friendly recyclable materials.
  • No maintenance required.


Steel-Roofers builds its steel roof products from North American suppliers and provides a 40-year warranty on paint for its materials.


When choosing metal roofing in Pittsburgh, Pa, prices matter. Eco-Tile is an affordable, innovative, and is a unique product distinguishable by its shape – five bottom waves and six peaks, with specially formed edges ensuring fast, easy assembly. The front edges of eco-tiles allow for maximum drainage of water condensate as well as air circulation. This is an ideal choice for those seeking the most environmentally friendly option for their project.


Metal roofing tiles offer Pittsburgh style luxury, durability, and helps keep energy costs low. Offering protection against the sun, rain, wind, and snow, a property owner still gets the vanity of a strikingly beautiful aesthetic. These metal tile panels are an ideal choice to complement residential architecture all the way from Victorian to contemporary style.


Created in the vein of a more traditional ceramic tile design, these metal panels are a huge favourite among customers searching for quality roofing contractors in Pittsburgh. Complimenting architecture styles from classic to contemporary, Bingo metal tile panels are regularly used by residential and commercial customers across the state, an affordable choice with high reliability.



The ribbed metal panels make for an ideal choice for lower sloped roofs as well as for other exterior applications. When searching for metal roofing in Pennsylvania, Allegheny County, depending upon the style of the home and the property owner’s unique preferences, this may be the most desirable roof material for its use.


We offer a variety of color options for metal roofing. The following colour samples may provide you with a guide of the colors available to choose from. Though we do try to reproduce the colors in their exact hue, we cannot guarantee a perfect representation.


Colours - Steel

* premium colours


All installations come with a 50 year paint & metal warranty via the manufacturer. Our Metal roofing materials have an automatic guarantee provided by the manufacturer, applying automatically from the moment that the product has been delivered to the client. This guarantee is conditional upon mandatory maintenance inspections, the slope of the roof has to be a minimum of 3/12 for the warranty to apply.